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Mallory Comp 9000 Unilite Distributor


The Mallory Comp 9000 Unilite Electronic Distributor is the culmination of years of development on the part of Mallory’s engineering staff. The 91 series also incorporates a redesigned version of the famous Unilite Module which is now more dependable and trouble free than ever before. For the performance enthusiast who will not settle for anything but absolutely the finest performance ignition system, the Comp 9000 Unilite Electronic Distributors provide tomorrow’s technology today.

Features: Unilite Module Assembly / Externally adjustable, high RPM dual contact points. The largest distributor cap offered in the high performance industry eliminates cap arcing and crossfiring. Specially designed, counterbalanced rotor and adapter shield interlock to prevent arcing and crossfiring. Fully adjustable advance mechanism and aircraft quality aluminum housing.
9148201 Chevy V8, 1955-93 $Call
9158001 Pontiac V8, 1955-81 $Call


Mallory Unilite Distributor

Choose From Mechanical or Vacuum Advance

The Unilite Electronic Distributor is triggered by a self-contained, photo-optic infrared L.E.D. system using Mallory's time tested breakerless ignition circuit, combined with modern surface mount Thermal-Clad construction that has no moving parts to adjust or wear out. The Unilite infrared L.E.D. system can drive both original equipment and high performance ignition coils. A simple three wire hookup allows it to fit a wide variety of engine configurations and is designed for 12-volt systems. Mallory has precisely calibrated the mechanical advance (or vacuum advance) curve for normal driving conditions.

However, the mechanical advance curve may be adjusted to meet your specific driving or racing requirements.
Features: Improved combustion efficiency and economy. Increased spark plug life. Improved cold weather starting. Maintenance free operation. Accurate spark timing. Self-lubricating bushings provide years of trouble-free service.

Mechanical Advance

3748201 Chevy V8, 1955-93 $Call
3755101 Ford 289-302, 1962-80 $Call
3755301 Ford 390-428, 1958-76 $Call
3755401 Ford 351W, 1969-80 $Call
3756701 Ford 351C/M/400/429/460, 1968-93 $Call
3757701 Chrysler 383-400, 1958-78 $Call
3757801 Chrysler 426/440, 1959-78 $Call
3757901 Chrysler 340/360, 1965-93 $Call
3758001 Pontiac V8, 1955-81 $Call
3763401 Olds V8, 1964-89 $Call

Vacuum Advance

4748201 Chevy V8, 1955-93 $Call
4755101 Ford 289-302, 1962-80 $Call
4755301 Ford 390-428, 1958-76 $Call
4755401 Ford 351W, 1969-80 $Call
4756701 Ford 351C/M/400/429/460, 1968-93 $Call
4758001 Pontiac V8, 1955-81 $Call
4763401 Olds V8, 1964-89 $Call

Mallory’s series of Promaster Ignition Coils are designed for today’s specialized ignition requirements. Promaster Ignition Coils are engineered for faster rise time and longer spark duration for increased performance. The rugged, glass-filled polyester case, along with oil filled construction, assures long life and no energy losses due to arcing. Choose the Promaster Coil from the descriptions below.
The RPM figures are approximate and may vary depending upon the type of ignition used and state of engine tune. All Promaster Coils include brass contact terminals and a spark plug type secondary post for better coil wire retention.
For Street and Strip: High energy coil designed especially for optimum performance with Mallory Unilite Ignition, Magnetic Breakerless Ignition, Electronic Advance Computer and one of the Hyfire Series of Electronic Ignition Controls. Also, it is an excellent choice for breaker points and original equipment breakerless electronic systems. This coil has an effective RPM range up to 6,500 RPM when used with breaker points or a breakerless electronic system. When used with Mallory Hyfire Electronic Ignition Controls, this coil will operate effectively up to 8,000 RPM.


Promaster Street and Strip Coil

For Street and Strip: High energy coil for street driven vehicles with breaker point ignitions. Effective up to 6,500 RPM. Do not use with any of the Mallory Hyfire Series of Electronic Ignition Controls.


Promaster Street and Strip Coil

High RPM Street Cars, Drag Racing, Endurance Racing, Oval Track and Road Racing: High energy coil designed especially for optimum performance with Mallory Hyfire Series of Electronic Ignition Controls. This coil is best for engines that normally operate above 4,000 RPM and is effective up to 10,000 RPM.


High RPM Street/Strip Coil

High RPM Drag Racing, Endurance Racing, Oval Track and Road Racing: Simply the best racing CD coil ever made. Provides the fastest rise time and peak plug current of any CD coil. This high energy Promaster Coil is designed specifically for optimum performance with one of the Mallory Hyfire V, VII and X Electronic Ignition Controls or equivalent popular CD Ignition Controls. This coil can only be used for the CD Ignitions listed and has an operating range as high as 12,000 RPM.


High RPM Racing Coil

Replacement Promaster Bracket


Promaster Coil Mounting Bracket


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