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Hypertech Power Programmer lll

Maximum Power & Control

'94-'97 Chevy/GMC LT1s and '96-'97 Chevy/GMC Trucks (OBD-II)

Hypertech's Power Programmer III delivers an optimized spark curve, but it also delivers a perfected air/fuel ratio curve, over the entire RPM band, for the absolute most possible power from your engine. But many more important functions are now controlled in a vehicle's computer, and the Power Programmer III gives you the power to control them.

Raised rev limiters extend the RPM range to give you a dramatically wider powerband. For vehicles with automatic transmissions, shift points are optimized during our track testing to deliver the quickest e.t.'s. And the Hypertech Power Programmer III is the only product that lets you correct the top speed limiter to the speed rating of high-performance tires.

Punch in non-stock tire sizes or rear end gear ratios, and the Power Programmer III corrects your speedometer readings and transmission shift points. Custom tuning can also be programmed in for other street legal speed equipment such as nitrous, superchargers, cams, high-performance exhaust systems, etc.

Power Programmer III

Optimization of:

Speedometer, Odometer & Shift Points Corrected for:

Custom Tuning Available
Corrects Top Speed Limiter

Test Results (0 - 70 MPH)

Year, Make, Model, Engine




'94 Pontiac Trans Am LT1



.38 secs. quicker

'95 Chevy Corvette 350 LT1



.40 sec. quicker

'96 GMC C-1500 (5.7L) *



.46 secs. quicker

'94 Pontiac Trans Am 3.4L Manual



.42 secs. quicker

'95 Chevy Camaro 3.4L V6 Automatic



.94 secs. quicker

'96 Chevy C-3500 (7.4L) Automatic *



.48 secs. quicker

'96 Chevy Blazer (4.3L) Automatic *



1.55 secs. quicker

* Specially designed for new OBD-II equipped vehicles.

Power Tuning Modules

The Hypertech PTM for 1996 Chevy/GMC trucks contain a functioning microprocessor programmed for maximum torque and power over the entire RPM band. Now, excellent performance improvements for a very low price are available to you and your customers.

Hypertech PTM or Power Programmer III?

The Hypertech PTM is programmed with an optimized spark curve, but it is not yet possible to optimize the air/fuel ratio for additional power improvements. Only a Power Programmer III can do that. But, since most gains on these engines are from perfecting the spark curve, much of the power obtainable from the Hypertech Power Programmer III is available with the new Hypertech PTM. No other features can yet be controlled with any PCM or PTM.

So, if you are going to upgrade your engine tuning and you don't plan to make other modifications, your best bet for a solid performance improvement at an economical price is the Hypertech PTM. But if you want all the power your vehicle can make, or if you have (or intend to install) non-stock tire sizes or gear ratios, or other speed equipment, then the Award Winning Hypertech Power Programmer III is the way to go.

Now Hypertech has Power Tuning Modules (PTM) for 1988 - 1996 Dodge trucks. Incorporating our unique and innovative, dyno-developed point-by point ignition spark tuning, these modules feature the same Power Tuning technology derived from the award winning Hypertech Power Programmer III.

Reprogrammed spark curves contained in the Dodge truck PTM are contoured for all truck EFI engines, including the 3.9L, 5.2L, 5.9L, 8.0L and 9.0L versions.

For the first time, Dodge trucks can now benefit from Hypertech's in-line technology that's based upon low and mid-range rpm torque requirements of these hard-working engines. Clearly, if a computer-controlled engine's spark curve is not specifically tailored to the appropriate load and rpm ranges, power gains will not be optimized. The Hypertech PTM for Dodge trucks provides this level of Power Tuning for these hard-working trucks.

Diesel Power Chips

'94-'95 Chevy/GMC Diesel Trucks

Hypertech's Power Chips for '94-'95 GM Turbo Diesels are the result of over 6 months of intense engineering and testing by our R & D team of 12 engineers and technicians. The Power Chip raises boost and corrects the fuel delivery yielding dramatic power gains while accelerating and while towing.

In addition to these stellar track times, towing tests showed, with the stock chip, the top speed of the diesel towing a load was 76 mph, with the Hypertech Power Chip, the top speed was increased to 94 mph! If you drive a '94-'95 GM Diesel truck, you need a Hypertech Power Chip.

Track Test: 1994 Chevy 3500 Turbo Diesel





0 - 70



2.33 secs. quicker

1/4 mi. ET



0.84 secs. quicker

1/4 mi. MPH



4.23 mph faster

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hypertech Power Tuning void my warranty?

No. Federal law prohibits a dealer from voiding your warranty just because you are using aftermarket speed equipment, with only two exceptions: the warranty can be voided if the aftermarket part causes damage, or adversely affects the emissions or the emissions system. In recent documents produced by the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association ), a trade association representing specialty automotive parts manufacturers, the following quotes have been extracted:
Is Hypertech Power Tuning emissions legal?
Yes. All Hypertech Power Tuning products are 50 state emissions legal. They do not change the emissions at all from the stock tuning chip for any Federal or local emissions test. C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board) has issued Executive Order numbers D-260-3 covering all Hypertech Power Chips, making Hypertech chips the most complete line of high-performance chips that can legally be sold, installed, and driven in the state of California. Because of C.A.R.B.'s very rigid rules concerning exhaust emissions, the Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A. ) accepts C.A.R.B. approval as evidence that an aftermarket part is clean and suitable for use in all other states. C.A.R.B. applications have been filed and are pending on our Power Programmer III.
What performance increase can I expect from Hypertech Power Tuning?
At Hypertech, we carefully dyno and track test every product we sell... in fact, it is these tests that tell us when we have the best possible tuning. Of course, the power gains are different for each engine family. However, power gains range from about 10 Horsepower to over 50 H.P. on supercharged or turbocharged engines, resulting in 2 to 7 car lengths improvements in the quarter mile. Zero to 70 M.P.H. improvements are typically about 1/2 second.
What's the difference between Street Runner and Thermo Master Power Tuning?
Hypertech has two types of tuning available for some vehicles depending on the thermostat in the vehicle. Vehicles with a 160 degree thermostat will use the Thermo Master Power Tuning. Vechicles with a 180 degree thermostat will use the Street Runner Power tuning. All programming changes have been made to successfully use a 160 or 180 degree thermostat. If you are going to change to a Powerstat use the Thermo Master, otherwise for stock thermostats, use the Street Runner.
If Hypertech Power Tuning is so great, why didn't the factories do it that way?
The factory program is designed for the average driver and is set to take a wide variety of operating conditions and driving styles into consideration. Consequently, stock calibrations aren't set to provide maximum power because they have to accommodate drivers who may use poor quality gasoline. For a real hi-performance person, 93 octane is all they put in their vehicle. At Hypertech, we optimize the spark and fuel curves over the entire RPM band from just off idle right up to the red-line for maximum power and performance from the best gasoline.
Can I run regular gasoline.
No. All tuning is designed and calibrated for 92 or 93 octane fuel.
Will Power Tuning hurt my engine in any way?
No. Best power is always made when air/fuel ratio and the spark tuning has been optimized for maximum power, meaning maximum "push" on the piston during each power stroke. Damage occurs if the air/fuel mixture is too lean, meaning that there is not enough fuel for the amount of air in the cylinder. This results in excess super heated air which can cause burning of valves and pistons and will also induce detonation (which can break pistons, etc.) Relative to spark timing, too much "advance" will cause detonation which reduces power and can also damage parts exactly as a lean mixture does. When we finish power tuning, your engine will run at maximum efficiency yet safely distanced from possible damage due to leanness or excessive spark advance.
What happens if I have or plan to install other aftermarket equipment?
Custom Tuning Programs are available if you have installed headers, intake manifolds, camshafts, large mass-flow sensors, nitrous oxide systems, or any type supercharger. You absolutely need Hypertech Custom Tuning with these modifications for both tremendous power gains over stock tuning, as well as to eliminate the probability of lean air/fuel ratios and excessive spark advance which are death to modified engines. Just call Hypertech and tell us all of your modifications. You do not need Custom Tuning for engines that are stock or mildly modified. For example, high-flow air filters, cat back systems, or ram air scoops work perfectly with our Street Runner or Thermo Master Power Tuning. If you suspect that your modifications would benefit from custom Hypertech tuning, call the custom tuning department at 1-888-2012066.
Can I use a Power Programmer to program more than one vehicle?
No. The Power Programmer III marries itself to the first vehicle it is connected to. However, you can program that vehicle back to stock at any time.
How hard is installation?
It's as easy as changing a fuse, in most cases. Installations take from 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the vehicle. Step-by-step, easy to read instructions with pictures will take anyone quickly and easily through the installation process even if they don't know a thing about either cars or computers.
Does Hypertech have tuning for older vehicles?
Yes. Tuning is available for just about any Ford or General Motors vehicles with a computer. We are constantly developing new tuning programs year round, but we only print a catalog once a year. Check our Catalog, search our online files, or call 1-888-2012066 for more information. Even if it's not in the catalog or online, we may have the Power Tuning you need.
How does Hypertech Power Tuning change the way my engine performs?

Hypertech tuning replaces stock computer tuning inside the vehicles computer to give maximum power and torque. The tuning can be delivered in the form of a chip that replaces the stock computer chip, a chip that piggy-backs the stock computer chip, a chip that plugs into the back of the stock computer, or a device that reprograms the stock computer with Hypertech Power Tuning. The type of device needed is dictated by the type of computer in your vehicle.

The tuning information is stored in the computer chip which controls all of the engine's characteristics like air/fuel ratio, spark advance, shift firmness, shift points, top speed, rev limit, and axle ratio. Sensors monitor many engine and transmission parameters like RPM, manifold air pressure, mass air flow, coolant temperature, intake air temperature and many more. These sensors send this information to the computer. The computer uses this information delivered from the sensors along with the information stored on the chip to deliver the optimum air/fuel ratio, spark timing, shift firmness, etc. for this set of operating conditions at that instant in time. Hypertech can tune a vehicle for the conditions by using a dynamometer to measure horsepower output while altering the information stored on the chip. This is how Hypertech maximizes your vehicle's power output!

How will Hypertech Power Tuning affect my gas mileage?
Hypertech Power Tuning does not alter part-throttle calibrations in any way that would hurt fuel economy. Only high-load calibrations are modified for maximum power and torque. Fuel economy will remain virtually the same or may even improve ( depending upon specific driving patterns) unless the vehicle is driven in a spirited manner or is regularly used for towing. For trucks that tow, Hypertech's Power Tuning is generally closer to the best fuel economy than the stock tuning. So in addition to power gains, a vehicle that tows with Power Tuning will often exhibit better mileage than one with stock tuning.
Does Hypertech Power Tuning remove the speed and rev limiters?
It depends on the specific vehicle. On most chips, we raise the top speed limiter to give a maximum speed of 2 MPH less than the speed rating of the stock tires (i.e. if the speed rating of the stock tires was 130 MPH we would set the limiter to 128 MPH). The rev limiter is raised when possible and is completely dependent on the application. The Power Programmer III, available for 1994-97 LT1 and LT4 cars and 1996-97 Vortec Trucks, allows the user to set the top speed limit to match the speed rating of the tires that have been installed on the vehicle. It also allows the user to alter the rev limiter within a predetermined range.
If I use the Power Programmer III to tune my computer can I ever get the stock tuning back? Does the computer ever automatically overwrite or undo the Hypertech tuning?
The tuning delivered by the Power Programmer III will be the active tuning in your computer until YOU decide to remove it. At any time, you may plug the Programmer into the under-dash connector and reprogram your computer with the stock tuning that was originally present.
What if the dealer updates my calibration and over-writes the Hypertech tuning that I installed with my Power Programmer III?
After your vehicle is returned from the dealer, plug your Power Programmer III back into the under-dash diagnostic port. The Power Programmer III will detect that the calibration has been altered by the dealer and will ask if you wish to reinstall your tuning options. You will not loose the capability to program your vehicle with your Power Programmer III if the dealer updates your calibration.

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