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Torque Converter Installation Instructions


Important Torque Converter Installation Tips





The number 1 cause of vibration is failure to prepare the crankshaft for installation. Each time the converter is installed without sanding out the crankshaft rust, removing the paint from converter pilot and adding a little grease, the converter may be drawn up crooked with the first bolt. This may cause the converter to run-out and usually ruins the pump bushing. The 2nd most common complaint on converters is a whine after installation. This usually means there's too much clearance between converter pads and flex plate. This draws the converter hub too far out of the pump drive gear causing the gear to rock.


Below is a chart that shows how to measure for proper depth clearances. Please check for proper clearances. Failure to do so can and will cause damage to the transmission and/or torque converter. Take measurement "A" shown in Figure 1. The correct method of measuring "A" is shown in Figure 2. Now take measurement "B’ on the engine as shown in Figure 1. This is the distance between the engine block mating surface and the converter mount mating surface on the flywheel or flexplate. Compare the two measurements that you have taken. "A" must be greater than "B". If "A" is not greater than "B", converter is not installed properly. Pull converter off slightly, then push it on again, rotating it at the same time. Continue to do this until you feel the converter move inward and stop at proper engagement. Repeat measurement "A" and compare it again with "B". "A" must be greater than "B". Do not proceed further until you have installed the converter properly. If you have any questions, please contact our tech department or consult a trained mechanic for assistance.

149160 Figure 1

GM Turbo-Hydramatic 350 1 1/8" from Bell Housing to Pads
GM Turbo-Hydramatic 400 / 4L80E / 700R4 1 3/16" from Bell Housing to Pads
GM Powerglide 1 1/8" from Bell Housing to Pads
Most Fords 1" from Bell Housing to Pads
*Distance may vary either way .050".
149160 Figure 2

Measure the depth of mounting pad face (A) from the mounting flange face. Notice that the right hand that is holding the straight edge is also pushing the converter in toward the transmission.

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