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Dream no more . . . . .

For years, the 4L80E transmission has been the 4 speed  transmission of choice when you are either towing heavy loads, or beating up the roads with a high horsepower daily driven beast. The power handling capacity of the 4L80 is legendary, no disputing that. What could possibly make it better? Let's take a look at a couple of the specifications of the 4L80E. While being a workhorse of a unit, we commonly use this transmission in half ton truck conversions with superchargers or turbos when the 4L60E just can't handle the power. When converting to the 4L80E from a 4L60E, one of the first noticeable differences is the gear ratios. The 4L60E come with a 3.06 1st gear, 1.63 2nd gear, 1.00 3rd gear, and an overdrive of .70. The 4L80E, being nothing more than an overdrive Turbo 400, is carrying the same ratio as the 400 but with an overdrive. 1st gear is a 2.48, 2nd gear is 1.48, and of course 3rd is 1 to1, with 4th being .75. We will often change the planets out of the 4L80E to a 2.97 or 2.75 1st gear with a 2nd of 1.57 to make up for the loss of torque multiplication lost from the 4L60E in a big heavy truck. This of course is not needed once you reach a certain threshold of torque with the vehicle.

Room for Improvement . . . 

In our industry nothing can be left alone, we're always searching for a competitive edge or a way of improving upon an already great design. Are you ready? We did it again. Two things about the 4L80E we wished we could always improve is the ability to have engine braking and a tighter ratio set. These two combined really make the 4L80E sing. Engine braking is useful in both Towing (when engine braking coasting down a mountain or steep incline) and in road racing. With the tighter ratio set you have the ability to use an engine that has a narrow torque curve. Example 1 would be the conversion we have to go behind a 6BT Cummings. Adding a tighter gear ratio set allows us to keep the vehicle constantly in the fat part of the torque curve and boost. When upgrading the planet to a different gear ratio such as the 2.97 you suddenly can use a different rear gear (3.23 or 3.08) because you have a ton of torque multiplication in 1st. Look at the two examples below:

Gear Ratio 1st Rear Gear Ratio  Converter Torque Multiplication Math Total torque multiplier
2.48 3.73 2.0 (2.48 + 3.73) x 2.00 = 12.42
2.98 3.55 2.0 (2.97 + 3.55) x 2.00 = 13.04

If you look at the example above what you will see is that we have simply changed the gearing of the transmission in 1st gear on a stock 4L80E. When we increased the 1st gear ratio that allowed us to use a taller rear gear ratio achieving a better overall torque multiplication for taking off not only in 1st but the rest of the gears as well. The taller rear gear in the axle now gives us much better highway fuel economy being that we will now be turning less RPM's at highway speeds. So now you not only have better take off torque but better fuel economy as well.

The Recovery Blues

The elephant in the room when doing this conversion in changing to a taller 1st gear has always been the dreaded recovery from 1st to 2nd. Recovery is described as the entry RPM when changing from one gear to another. Lets observe a vehicle with this change and look at RPM using a 30 inch tire, 3.73 rear gear with aftermarket and stock planet sets. See example below:

gear Ratio (Stock) Rpm rpm drop shifting @ 5,000 Rpm's with a 30 inch tire Gear Ratio (After Market) Rpm rpm drop shifting @ 5,000 Rpm's with a 30 inch tire
1st 2.48 5,000   1st 2.98 5,000  
2nd 1.48 2,968 2,032 2nd 1.57 2,558 2,442
3rd 1.00 3,175 1,825 3rd 1.00 3,100 1,900

In the example above you will notice that there's a greater RPM drop with the aftermarket planet (2.98 first & 1.57 second) from 1st to 2nd and again 2nd to 3rd. This greater RPM drop would cause the engine to drop to a point in some cases where it's not at a desired RPM. For instance with a naturally aspirated engine with a camshaft cut on a tighter lobe separation angle you might not have a lot of port velocity there. So even though the gear ratio is numerically greater it could be potentially be slower due to the lug at the beginning of 2nd and 3rd. In a towing application you would want to be at a fatter part of the torque curve to keep the engine happy. So this conversion has always been somewhat of a double edged sword, with the exception being a positive displacement supercharger in conjunction with a large cubic inch engine that's making tons of torque everywhere. 

If it was only that simple . . . . 

So it seems the simple solution is to create a way to give you a lower 1st and 2nd gear but have less RPM drop between gears. Doing this would simply mean that you could have the best of both worlds. This however isn't as simple as it sounds. It was obvious that if you wanted to get more gears out of the 4 speed transmission you would have to find a way to overdrive the first two gears. This isn't easy when you a dealing with a valve body that is only designed to accommodate a certain volume and pressure, trying to add another circuit could cause all sorts of issues with fluid dynamics. We want even mention the electronic and logic control obstacles with trying to figure timing and shift control issues. Other companies doing this were trying to modify the existing valve body. Doing this proved to be complicated and unpredictable. We also have seen issues with fluid cross leaks, after all you're relying on somebody in China looking at used valve bodies and modifying them.

A Clean Slate.

Back to the ole drawing board. A saying that is as true in this case as any. It became pretty obvious that modifying the factory valve body to get six speeds is a loosing option. These valve bodies often are plagued with failures due to fact that the valve bodies are not performing their intended usage. When the opportunity came to start with a clean slate we knew it would work, as it was engineered to work. That is exactly what we have now, a brand new valve body, not a modified reman unit, that functions exactly it was intended. This new slate also allowed the opportunity to add the addition of engine braking knowing this would make a perfect marriage for the diesel market. This feature is also handy for wrapping heads sideways on a Sunday morning cruise in the big block, blipping every gear down as we pull up to the red light. So now we have a brand new valve body, designed for six speeds, designed for engine braking. 

A Perfect Marriage

So now we have the most reliable 4-speed platform General Motors has ever produced, with the addition of 2 extra gear and engine braking. We fell in love all over again. The transmission while proving to be responsive, finds itself putting the engine in the sweet spot shift after shift. What normally felt like a peaky car or a dyno queen suddenly finds itself lounging around in gobs of torque. This torque is what is the seat of the pants thrill we all seek. The TCM-2000 that is used with this is also available with paddle shifters, Shift indicator, and even and electronic push button shifter for a fabulous custom look. If you would like you also have the ability to not change the planets and leave the stock planet set in making it the a 5-speed. Let us look at a table again with the ratio's between 5 and 6 speed.

The PCS 6 speed valve body enables the 4L80E to operate as a 5-speed or 6 speed and provides electronically controlled engine braking. This process of engineering the 6-speed 4L80E began by carefully studying the fluid flow dynamics of the stock 4L80E. This engineering feat resulted a factory shift in every gear. When we evaluate the gear ratio steps using the stock planet and the new valve body it becomes apparent that the step from 4th to 5th of 1.11 may not be a large enough ratio change for most applications. However, using the valve body as a 5-speed (skipping the 1.11 ratio) creates more balanced gear steps and better drivability.

In situations where the gear ratio set can be changed, PATC offers a gear set that results in optimum gear ratio steps for most 6-speed applications. When we combine with the optimum gear ratio set , this new 6-speed transmission maintains the engine in its most efficient operating range, thus improving performance and fuel efficiency. The shift quality is also improved by reducing the engine RPM drop during the shift.

With the addition of the extra solenoid for engine braking, we can also enable mode switches such as tow haul, a greatly increase the performance and driving experience when used with the paddle shifters to downshift. This new valve body, not a remanufactured one, contains all new solenoids, plates, Gaskets, and internal harness.

4L80E_6_Speed.jpg (230282 bytes)  This Six Speed 4L80E transmission has automatic shifts and a heavy duty / performance lock-up torque converter (#L80-LU). Starting with one of the strongest transmissions on the planet we add a Transgo stage two shift kit, Red Eagle clutches, RedEagle PowerPacks for the forward, intermediate and direct clutches, Kolene steels, Red Eagle clutches for the overdrive and overrun clutch sets. It has a Carbon fiber band and the 16 element intermediate sprag is replaced with a 34 element sprag. Rated up to 1000 horse power depending on upgrades. Every Six Speed Bionic 80 transmission is tested in our transmission dyno and comes with a PATC shirt. No trade-in needed on this one for $6739.00. The Five Speed Bionic 80 transmission starts at $5680.00. Add $150.00 for LS1 type bell housing bolt pattern. Add $554.00 for lock-up torque converter rated at 1,000 horse power (#88). Comes with a deep cast aluminum pan, dipstick and PCS transmission controller with wiring. The 6 Speed Bionic 80 has a 2.98 first gear set and the 5 Speed Bionic 80 has a 2.48 to 1 gear set. Order the hardened input shaft if you have nitrous. For years now people have been replacing the weaker 4L60E transmission with the stronger 4L80E transmission, well the time has come for you to have an even better 6-speed 4L80E. This transmission and torque converter can be built for gas or diesel.


6 Speed Valve Body

vbm2000big.jpg (23532 bytes)

Billet Input Shaft

Wide Black Band

Fillet Hub

4L80E_Hub.jpg (75235 bytes)

Intermediate Clutch

Forward Clutch

Direct Clutch

Overdrive & Overrun Clutches

34 Element Sprag

6 Speed Transmission Controller

Transmission Controller Wiring

#80B Torque Converter

#88 Torque Converter

#80B3 Torque Converter

#MR88-3L Torque Converter

There's a special Combo Kit upgrade discount on the Billet Input Shaft, Billet Forward Hub and Billet Torque Converters Below

5-Speed Bionic 4L80E 6-Speed Bionic 4L80E
Transmission Type ?
97 Up LS1 Type Case ?
Tail Shaft Type ?
Up Grades ?
Stall Speed ?
Shirt Size ? - Free
Delivery Type ?
Dust Cover & Inspection Plate ?
Transmission Type ?
97 Up LS1 Type Case ?
Tail Shaft Type ?
Up Grades ?
Stall Speed ?
Shirt Size ? - Free
Delivery Type ?
Dust Cover & Inspection Plate ?
Throttle Position Sensor - Cost $125.00
Paddle Shifter only - Cost $550.00

Paddle Shifter with Display - Cost $599.00

Push Button Shifter - Cost $1149.00

4L80E to 4L60E Transfer Case Adapter - Cost $484.00
Year 4L80E ?

Cable-X Speedometer Drive Motor and Cable - Cost $349.00

#55X Fan Cooler - Cost $189.00

You also need a water transmission cooler in the radiator.

Check out this special deal. Buy a 5 speed or 6 speed 4L80E Bionic 80 transmission and receive a 10% discount on any of the below upgrades. You must buy a 5 speed or 6 speed 4L80E Bionic 80 transmission and receive this discount.

1997 Up Billet Low / Reverse Servo. Cost $89.00

1997 Up Billet Intermediate Shaft. Cost $404.00

Billet Clutch Hub with Bearing. Bearing Upgrade Cost $43.00

Larger 36 Element Intermediate Sprag with more Clutches. Cost $759.00

It comes with a speed sensor for an electronic speedometer and can be equipped with a speedometer control unit to control a speedometer cable (#68 below). We now have a tail housing available for a gear driven speedometer cable, see below. An electronic control module comes with the 5 speed and 6 speed 4L80E transmission for putting an electronically controlled transmission into a street rod, truck, RV or any non-overdrive vehicle. The 1997 up 4L80E transmission can be used on the new Chevy 572 cubic inch motor, because both have 7 bell housing bolts. The freight runs from free to $190.00 after freight discount in most cases. The prices includes the core charge, but if you want to return your core for a core refund of $200.00 to $300.00 depending on year and model less freight, just let us know.

G-Force Double Hump Crossmember for 1967 to 1981 Camaro Transmission Parts


Gear Venders 22% Overdrive mounted on a GM 400 or Ford C6 transmission. These overdrive units can be combined with our performance transmissions and converters to produce an overdrive transmission rated at over 1000 horse power. This is a 6 speed transmission. This overdrive unit can be added to most cars and trucks with our transmissions.

Gear Venders Page, Click Here

Speedometer Gears for Ford GM and Dodge

700R4 / 4L60E Polished Cast Aluminum pan. $89.00

Mega Raptor "Power Gear"

The Next Big Thing". PATC has developed a new 6 pinion planet gear set for 700R4 / 4L60E transmissions. This will be the biggest thing in 700R4 advancements in years. These will have a 2.84 to 1 first gear, 1.56 to 1 second gear, 1 to 1 third gear and .70 to 1 overdrive ratio. This close ratio 700R4 gear set will have a 11.72% less RPM drop between 1st and 2nd than the wide (stock) ratio gear set. In other words the close ratio gear set will only have 88.28% as much RPM drop as the wide ratio gear set. This is what people have been asking for, for years. These will work on any 4L60E type transmission without a gear ratio error code, if the PCM is modified. The carrier is made from E4340 billet steel and the pinion gears are 9310 steel. With the billet sun gear made from 9310M steel. This gear set is used to reduce torque multiplication / rotating speed in the transmission in first gear. This improves track applications that overpower the rear tires upon launch. This is common with numerically high final drive ratios. Now you will have a choice between the wide ratio or the new close ratio gear sets. In first gear this close ratio gear set has a 7.2% numerically lower final drive ratio. It has been reported that the 2.84 gear set could lower your quarter mile time as much as 4/10 of a second over the 3.06 gear set. This gear set has been in research and development for over one year. You might ask why 6 pinion gears. The answer is because high horse power motors can eat the small needle bearings up in the pinion gears. The solution is to spread the load over 50% more needle bearings and at the same time building the planet gear set out of a higher grade steel. The first 50 are in production now and the approximate release date is May 2009. We have finished the testing in our test truck with the following findings. The gear noise in manual low is reduced by at least 50% compared to a stock OEM planet gear and at full throttle there was no noticeable power drop on the 1st to 2nd shift. Testing will begin later this week in an 1100 horse power C5 Corvette. The car runs 9.56 seconds now. Nothing will be changed but the front planet gear then tested to see the difference. Testing should be completed by 6-1-2009.

Here are the test results from the weekend of May 30-31, 2009. Both where run for the base time then nothing was changed but the front six pinion planet gear then retested to determine the time difference.

The first car is a C5 Corvette with an 1100 horse power blower motor. The best time with the factory planet gear was 9.56 and the time with the new 2.84 six pinion planet gear was 9.25. This is a whopping 3/10 of a second faster in the quarter mile. The time would have been even better if the 3-4 clutch wouldn't have been slipping. Perhaps as much as 1/2 second better then the factory gear ratio.

The second test was with a 460 horse power all-wheel-drive Chevy Cyclone. The best time with the factory planet gear was 13.10 and the time with the new 2.84 six pinion planet gear was 12.90. This is a whopping 2/10 of a second faster in the quarter mile. There was 300 to 400 less RPM drop on the 1-2 shift with the new gear ratio. This truck didn't have a problem with tire spin on take off because it has all -wheel-drive. The 2/10 of a second was picked up on gear ratio change only, not on take off.

This gear was built for the 1982 on GM 700R4 family of transmissions only, that includes the 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E, 4L65E and 4L70E model numbers. For drag racing purposes the 700R4 has too large of a gear ratio spread between first gear and second gear resulting in too large of a RPM drop between gears resulting in a large torque drop (loss). With the new 2.84 gear (1st gear ratio) there is approximately 500 less of a RPM drop on the first to second full throttle shift depending on the RPM of the 1-2 shift point. This gear change also results in a 4% less RPM drop upon the second (intermediate gear) to third (direct drive, 1 to 1 ratio) shift.

The purpose of this gear is keep the torque at a higher point on the torque curve when shifted to second gear from first gear resulting in a faster elapsed time in a quarter mile. The front planet gear controls the gear ratios of first and second gear. The 2.84 to 1 gear ratio in first is accomplished by using a larger diameter sun gear and a smaller diameter pinion gears. At the same time the pinion gear carrier and the sun gear are made from a higher grade steel to handle motors with higher horse power and torque levels. In addition one or two additional pinion gears are added (total of six) to spread the load (torque) over a larger area and to accommodate more pinion gear needle bearings. (The OEM stock front planet gear set has 4 or 5 pinion gears.)

In testing it was found to result in at least a 3/10 second improvement in elapsed time in two wheel drive cars and at least a 2/10 second improvement in elapsed time in all wheel drive cars. As an added bonus the 2.84 first gear ratio has less tire spin that the 3.06 original equipment first gear ratio making 2WD cars faster on take off. For the purposes of the 700R4 transmission the 2.84 gears set would be called the close ratio gear set and the 3.06 original equipment first gear ratio would be the wide ratio gear set. A wide ratio gear set would be better for towing and a close ratio gear set would be better for racing. There are other transmissions with 2.84 first gear ratios or six pinion gears but not for the 700R4 family of transmissions.

Transmission Ratios 1st to 2nd Ratio Drop 1st Gear 2nd Gear 3rd Gear 4th Gear OD
Turbo 350 1 2.52 1.52 1 N/A
Turbo 400 1 2.48 1.48 1 N/A
200- 4R 1.17 2.74 1.57 1 0.67
700R4 / 4L60E with PATC close ratio gear set. Low geared 1st with 11.72% less 1st to 2nd RPM drop than the wide ratio gear set. This is the same ratio as a 4R70W transmission. 1.28 2.84 1.56 1 0.70
700R4 / 4L60E 1.43 3.06 1.63 1 0.70
4L80E 1 2.48 1.48 1 0.75












IMG_1181.JPG (19038 bytes) .. IMG_1174.JPG (20185 bytes) .. IMG_1177.JPG (43267 bytes)

 Two Gear Set

 Cost $599.00


IMG_0697.JPG (145192 bytes)  IMG_0734.JPG (247306 bytes)  IMG_0737.JPG (220049 bytes)  IMG_0738.JPG (185340 bytes)  IMG_0740.JPG (171057 bytes)  IMG_0741.JPG (199916 bytes)  _DSC2707.JPG (314112 bytes)

PATC Green Raptor Blood Racing Transmission Fluid

Superior / Fairbanks Performance Transmission Parts

Torque Converters

Triple Clutch Converters


Install a Turbo 400 Transmission on a LS1 Motor

Alto Red Eagle, Clutches, Bands, Master Kits for Automatic Transmissions


_DSC3424.JPG (54733 bytes)











Cummins 4BT / 6BT to a Chevy 4L80E / 700R4 / 4L60E / TH400 transmission, billet aluminum transmission adapter and billet steel flexplate. We have a computer to control a 4L80E / 4L60E transmission. Cost $1090.00.







#F28. Fits 1968 to 1980 302 motors and 1969 to 1981 351W motors with a 28-ounce imbalance factor. SFI 29.1 certified flexplate. Will work with C4, C6 and AOD transmissions. Thirty percent thicker than the OEM flex plate. 14.23"OD / 164Teeth. Cost $75.00


F50. Fits 1981 to 2001 302 motors with a 50-ounce imbalance factor. SFI 29.1 certified flexplate. Will work with C4, C6 and AOD transmissions. Thirty percent thicker than the OEM flex plate. 14.23"OD / 164Teeth. Cost $75.00







1965 to 1973 Mustang Conversion Kit Transmission Parts

C4 to AOD Overdrive Transmission Transmission Parts

Sonnax Performance Transmission Parts

Call us on Hardened Transmission Shafts

We carry GM and Ford Speedometer Gears

C4 Corvette Adapter to Install a 4L80E Transmission, 1984 to 1996



















Speedometer Cables for GM, Ford and Dodge Transmission Parts

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No refunds on special order items. 20% restocking fee on other parts. 

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